3D Visualization showing the future of the Toronto skyline

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3D Visualization showing the future of the Toronto skyline

Understanding the urban landscape of different cities will help with future investment opportunities. The model was created to help visualize how Toronto might someday look. Graphic designer, Stephen Velasco created a three-dimensional model of downtown Toronto.

The model offers a glimpse into the future of Toronto’s Urban Landscape. The visualizations allow you to explore projects and future developments. You gain valuable insights and visual information on real estate, architecture, and urban planning.

Toronto’s ongoing development boom:

  • 220+ cranes in operation.
  • 100+ buildings over 100m under construction.
  • 300+ buildings over 100m proposed.

3D Visualization showing the future of the Toronto skyline

The graphic depicts a Manhattanization of Toronto. The construction of many tall buildings has led to a rapid change in the urban landscape of Toronto.

Velasco’s 3D model can be used by real estate brokers to show clients what development projects are happening but also, show which projects could change or alter future investment opportunities.

Real estate brokers will have the opportunity to view what might be obstructed in five to ten years. This model will help allow investors, families, and brokers to visualize the proposed urban landscape. Agents now can show clients possible investment opportunities but also what might not be the best investment.

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